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Bala · Balah

or Blabbity Blah, if you prefer

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over at Blogger. I still like it better than lj, but I do miss the comments.
come and see me: http://balabalah.blogspot.com/
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Dear gentle readers,
I have a new blog. It's slightly less personal and more movie/tv/pop culture crap. Why? Because I wanted someplace pretty to put my movie-database brain.

Take a look: http://balabalah.blogspot.com/

I'll still keep the lj for my friends' pages, etc.

Keep on keepin' on,

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KEXP -- Seattle internet radio
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I'm on a stakeout.

Nope, I didn't join the force, (although I'm getting pretty good at catching plagiarists. I found one this weekend and was able to track down at least 4 of the websites he used. Sucker!). I'm stalking a spider. Yes, you read that right.

He's on my blinds in the window behind my bed. I'm never one to sleep while a spider lays waiting, so I either have to wait until he's in position, or devise a plan of attack. It would be risky to do the rolled-up paper whack. He might just fall onto my bed, and thus be nearer to me. And the only way he's getting nearer to me is if he's dead.

Decisions, decisions. I think he's pretending to be asleep or dead. I'm not fooled. Unluckily for him, I have the internet to keep me company and my sleep schedule is totally off, so I can wait allll night.

Yes, I would get this involved for any bug. No matter how big or yucky-looking. I'm an equal opportunity bug assassin in that respect.

Sure, he's not a particularly big or slimy one, probably only the size of a nickel, but any size is too big. This is MY house, and I don't allow freeloaders (except for the inevitable mold on my cheese, etc).

Now I'm starting to get a little impatient. I want to kick back, relax and watch Angel. Should I take the risky maneouver? He seems pretty fast, and I'm not sure if he's got a web attached to anywhere. So many variables makes for an unhappy hunter.

Tune in next time to hear how the spider met his maker. :)

UPDATE: Spider is MIA. Repeat, Spider is MIA. I went for it, thwacked the blinds with all my might, and he's disappeared. No body, only a tiny spooge on the paper. He may be mortally wounded, or possibly waiting to ambush me. Whereabouts of mark are unknown, over.
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* I'm actually updating my lj. I must really not want to grade papers if I'd rather write in here. It could be that lj is getting its fun back for me, or, more likely, I'm procrastinating.

* I take time to look up the rules for baseball scoring. I watch most of the Yankees games, mostly while flipping channels, and the scores they put up for each batter were driving me nuts. Like what does "63" have to do with what Derek did in the 2nd inning. I never would have guessed that 6 = shortshop or 3= 1st base, and together that signifies the ss throwing him out at 1st base. It's like russian, but without all the nice rules of a foreign language. Don't even get me started on the backwards vs. forwards K!

*I obsess, literally, over television shows. My show of choice: Veronica Mars. If rewatching certain scenes wasn't bad enough, I'm spending precious time and Gb's downloading all the eps from this season. And, although the big mystery of the season was solved tonight on the finale, the mystery I really want solved is a cliffhanger! Who showed up at the door??!? Is Logan shark/biker bait? Is it wrong that I think Veronica should pine over him, rather than get back with Duncan? Yeah, that's obsession. Ok, and to show all the skeletons in the closet -- I'm worried about the characters' wellbeing. Some crazy stuff went down and how are they going to cope with it over the summer? Like their lives weren't harsh enough, more has to be added? I know, they aren't real. Just characters on a tv show. But why can't the people on Alias tell that Sophia is evil? GRR. Thank goodness I don't watch 24. At least I'm not procrastinating by worrying about a nuclear attack.

*I'd rather show my psychotic rantings than pass judgement on students. I use a sparkly purple pen (for the students, not the rantings), what's not fun about that?

*I almost forgot how worried I am about Rory. She can't quit Yale, that's crrrrazy. And Lorelai is gonna break Luke's heart, I just know it. See, obsessed.

*I joke that the only way I won't return to grad school is if I find a job where I get paid to watch tv. No writing, no deadlines, I just watch tv and tell them "yea" or "meh." The more I procrastinate, the more detailed the job description gets for the un-work. Really sad. I wonder if they have 12-step programs for the tv-addicted . . . *resisting urge to google it*
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"Central Reservation" Beth Orton (in my head, w/the voices)
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Well, it's finally happened . . . I've lost my faith in humanity. (And my resolve not to be melodramatic).

I caught my first cheater today. In the first final papers I've graded, the first stack even, we had ourselves a plagiarizer (which may be spelled incorrectly, but I'm too distraught to look it up). My gut instinct was right, google caught her red-handed and now I've got a slew of paperwork ahead of me.

The worst part(s): She would have had about a B in the class, if not for this. She cut and pasted from a feminist essay, making all such essays look cheap now. I'm enjoying the detective work required to nail her for the crime. It's all just too sad.

Ok, melodrama done. I know everybody has found cheaters. But this is my first one, so it feels special. Maybe by the next one, which had better not be in this stack of papers, I'll be a hardened veteran -- always suspicious and more than willing to nail the perp.

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Long time no update. Here's what's new:
*different month, different haircolor. Pretty bright purple/lavender/blonde and a little leftover from the pink. Went to this awesome salon in Seattle. They were more than willing to dye my hair any shade I could imagine. I had to do something while the Momma was at training :) Also got to do some random shopping, see some mountains and some water, eat lots of seafood and finally say that I've been to the west coast. Seattle's a really cool place, somewhere I'd consider living someday, if they'd do something about those hills downtown. Diosacielo, think Assisi but without the lovely cathedral :)
*health shmealth. Spent most of the semester doing tests and stuff to find out that I have kidney stones (yea for tmi) and other perhaps unrelated oddities. Consequently, guess who has another 3 incompletes to rack up. So, now I have to take medical leave for next year so they don't skedaddle with my funding, not to mention my place in the program. So I'm trying to get enthused about grading final papers for Shakespeare class, making up some bs proposal for a seminar paper and figuring out how I'm going to fit my necessary belongings into my lovely Taurus.
*happy birthday to you too. This is the first year I won't be home for my birthday, and I'm surprisingly bummed by that. Sure, I'll see my mom the next week (I'm the lucky girl who gets to move home over memorial day weekend) but it's just not the same. To remedy the situation, I'm taking myself to a ballgame. And not just any ballgame, mind you. The Yanks are playing the Mets at Shea Stadium (while not as cool as Yankee stadium, a much shorter train ride) ON my birthday! I know, I'm totally psyched. I've been following my team pretty closely this season (mostly to distract myself from what I should be concentrating on) so I'll really appreciate it if they win when I'm there. Actually if they could manage to win at all, that would be pretty sweet.
*finally, 10 points to whomever gets the *literary* reference from the subject line. (I know, I would have expected a movie/tv reference from me, too.)
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And now for my own brand of cogent criticism:

Lost was pretty painful tonight, but at least there was a new baby to make up for it. A brand-spanky looking one, at that. Babies are so nice when they you don't have to take care of them! And what is up with Carol convincing every man to marry her? It wasn't enough that she entrapped Ed, but now Jack too? When will they learn?

Caught the new show on Comedy Central, "Con." Strange premise, and one that normally wouldn't interest me. What is fascinating is the critique of Hollywood/the current media climate that is inherent in tonight's episode (and no, I'm not just bs'ing here). While I'm not too keen on the lying/deceit etc. used to achieve the pranks, I love reality makeover shows exposed for what they really are.

Oh, and how could I forget the new Muppets promos on abc. I loved the Lost parody, but the Alias one with Miss Piggy took the cake. (In case you're out of the loop, there's a Muppet version of Wizard of Oz coming out in May, thus the promos). Happy birthday to me! The new Muppet movie will definitely make up for what I'm sure will be another disappointing Star Wars prequel. It's unfair that out of all the movie franchises, the one that opens on/the week of my birthday has to be Star Wars. It was cool when they re-released the originals, though. Just the ones with Hayden Christensen aka the kid who looks like a date rapist, are a disappointing birthday gift.

Moving on to other disappointing adolescents . . . what's going on with Joan of Arcadia? Usually that show gives me some hope, and then they do a "men are pigs" ep. Friday nights are when I like to forget that particular fact, and Joan really isn't helping that mission. At least everything's still kosher on RFR, for now anyways.

And finally, the show I was too embarrassed to name in the last entry: The O.C. I know what you're thinking. But I'm only in it for the comic books. Well and the wit and the show mocking itself incessantly. Ok, and some of the music is good, too. But I'm NOT interested in the various love triangles/sex scandals/melodrama, at least not very much. It's also really funny how I love the dialogue about comic books despite the fact that said comic references are very mainstream/clearly steeped in time-honored fanboy pics. Not that I have anything against hero comics, but a reference to an indie book or at least something a little edgier like "Sandman" or "Rising Stars" would make me happy. I guess I should be happy that discussion isn't limited to Archie comics or similar supermarket fare (And did you catch the Archie reference in last week's Veronica Mars? That made me really happy!)

I guess that's it for now. There may be a movie review roundup forthcoming, if I ever get to the theater! I'm sure my dear readers really don't care how much I adored "The Thin Man" from Netflix. :)
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those darn kids messing around in the parking lot
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I'm still here. I'm just still a little mad at lj for "timing-out" my incredibly witty post . . . about a month ago. I think March should be the month for forgiveness, though, so I'm willing to let lj's mistake go.

A quick list to tantalize you: (may or may not be explained in later entries. It's really up to lj, not me. Oops. forgot about forgiveness month).

*Creative expression is my theme for this semester. I'm finally doing all the things I want to do (hot pink streaks in my hair, crazy clothing combinations, etc) without (much) fear of drawing attention to myself. It's a big step forward in the actually being myself mission I've got going.

*Seattle. I get to go. Just a little 5 day trip, but fun is sure to be had.

*Boston for spring break . . . not so much. Turns out both my traveling partner and I are unbelievably broke, so it's themed movie nights at home for us. Unfortunately for her, I have my heart set on a pirate theme for at least one of the events of the semester.

*My tv addiction has grown steadily worse. I'm really hoping they've got a pill for that by now. My newest additions to my must-see lineup are so embarrassing I can't even share it with you, dear reader. Mostly I don't care what people think of me, but everybody has their skeletons in the closet. Mine just happen to be tv skeletons.

Hopefully that list was as titillating for you as it was for me :)
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What, you may ask . . . well here's a short list:

*We had a blizzard over the weekend. My tiny resort town did a bangup job cleaning up the mountains of snow, but school did less than stellar work. Classes weren't cancelled on Mon, so I made my way in, ala Nanook of the North, only to find that the particular class that I was supposed to TA for had been cancelled fot the entire week. Thanks for the email buddy!!

*Read through the Oscar noms this year and couldn't be less thrilled. If Chris Rock wasn't hosting, I think it would be a complete loss. In theory I will be way too busy to watch because I'm a hard-working grad student, but I can't say that has stopped me before.

*This list seemed a lot longer in my head, before I started typing. Is it possible that it is only two items long? Lame. What a great time for a brain fart . . . right before I go into my British Romantic Prose seminar. Yeah, I know. It's self-inflicted though. I need to know about the stuff at the same time as Jane Austen, even if we won't be having any encounters with the delightful Mr. Darcy this semester. (actually, he's not my favorite Austen romantic lead, but I figured he would be the most recognizable and therefore a better reference for my readers. Aren't I thoughtful?)

*My TV watching priorities have shifted recently. I cut the cord on Everwood (regaining some of my dignity), only to replace it with hours of obsessive Gilmore Girls watching and careful following of Medium. (I have a strange weakness for Patricia Arquette and the paranormal. I'm one of the 10 people who actually watched Stigmata and liked it.)

Ok, I'm done. Maybe next time you'll get an entry in actual narrative form, instead of a laundry list of my obsessions of the moment. You can wish can't you?
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As I creatively avoided doing my homework I came across something awful that I had to share with my dear readers.
A few caveats:
1. I love the original film, but was prepared to accept, begrudgingly, a new one.
2. I'm usually fond of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton
3. It might be ok if it weren't for the demonic song.
4. Watch it! but don't say I didn't warn you

Poor Charlie Bucket

Am I right here?
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